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>>Culled the text from Marianne Webb’s report on those explosions and the following LS lockdown of the Docks. Marianne was stunning, of course. Shadowrun gone bad perhaps? Seems a bit strange that the Union would resort to violence against the corp, especially considering the headway they’ve made in the courts with the more liberal judges. As always, you decide the Truth<<

Violence erupted through the heart of the Seattle Docks when a series of explosions and gunfire was reported to the Seattle Police Department earlier this morning. Sources claim that a single explosion, possibly from a military-grade rocket-propelled grenade struck a security vehicle at around 10pm, and was closely followed by automatic weapons fire. Two security guards are known to be deceased, as well as a number of as-yet unnamed armed individuals.

Seattle Police Department High Threat Response Teams, as well as a contingent of soon-to-be installed Lone Star personal quickly arrived on the scene, and discovered a shipment of BTL inside the hold of the vessel that is currently docked at the pier. It’s known that at least three men were taken into custody.

A spokesman for Becks International, the shipping firm that is contracted by the city to run operations at the pier, has claimed that this is further proof that the Seattle Stevedore Union is a criminal element intent on nothing more than protectionism for its enterprises. The Union is currently undergoing a legal dispute with the corporation over wages and work conditions, and has issued a statement strongly denying the claims, stating that the corporation is attempting to use the incident to strong-arm the judgement in its favor. The case appears before the Seattle Claims Court next Monday for a final ruling.

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>>Sounds like someone was after that BTL. Wasn’t me this time, I swear<<

>>Did you see that footage some Ares Fan-boi posted of a sniper shot. Doesn’t that look a lot like the Seattle Docks.
[[Ares = Superb firepower (video proof) | Ares = Superb firepower (video proof)]]


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