Ken AKA Karl AKA Karl the elf

Former corporate wage slave, now tries to earn a living with cars and drones.


Eurasian male Elf although doesn’t look distinctly Elvish.
Hides his ears under collar length hair.
Brown eyes and dark brown hair. Aged in his late 20s, stands 1.78m tall and weighs approx 80kg.

Currently drives a GMC Bulldog van with a nondescript paint job for “work”. The Bulldog is ugly and not particularly fast but it blends in with all the other average vans on the street and it’ll do until he gets the nuyen for something better.


Kenshiro (he’s unlikely to give his last name, even to people he knows)

Former corporate wage slave working in a tech department for one of the Japanese corps in Seattle. Corporate life wasn’t taking him anywhere so he decided to hitch a ride to somewhere where the money comes a little “easier”. His working life had been spent in tech departments and rigging was the best of some fairly average choices for making the big bucks.

So they say that the best things in life are free but life’s a game and it’s “pay to win”. The best things in life don’t feed you or clothe you and they sure as drek don’t repair your ride. If you don’t got the nuyen to win then you at least better get enough to stop you from coming last. I am not going to be last and if that means running some shadows to buy my way out of last place, then keep the freeways clear cos I sure as drek ain’t walking.

Has since discovered that ShadowRunning isn’t quite as trouble free as he believed and this on his very first Run.

“You are NOT doing that in the van!” Alternately, “Not in this van.”
“I might not be the fastest rigger, but I might be the sneakiest.”

Ken AKA Karl AKA Karl the elf

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