The Sprawl

Run 1.1 : On the Waterfront
A quick and dirty look at what's gone down so far

Part I

After brief commlink communication from the Dean of the Dept. of Thaumatology at Seattle U, Dr Benjamin Marshall, the ’runners are hastily put together by Razor to intercept a supposed arms deal that is about to go down at Pier 37 in Downtown Seattle. The team arrives in small groups and begin their surveillance of the area.

While there, they see a group inside a storage shed. The Dock workers and guards are approached by Razor and spoken to briefly, and a second group of people is spotted driving a small motorboat towards the pier. 2 older vans also approach and are allowed entry to the Pier and they drive into the shed.

Part II

The ’runners ambush the group in the motorboat, dispatching them quickly, albeit violently. Alerted, those inside the shed start to flee but are taken out by the ’runners. The team gathers the weapons, and quickly scarper before being accosted by Law Enforcement. They notice 1 survivor.

They make their way to their Mr Johnson (the Dean), where they find a young male tied to a chair, as well as Randall. The male is ranting incoherently, screaming his name is Draezach and he will make everyone pay.

During their time at the University, they learn of a student who is in danger from an extremist group who seem to be targeting Magic Circles. The team meets with Rebecca “Call me Equina” South, and agree to assist in protecting her and her Shamanic Circle during their Ritual which is scheduled for the following night. The team watches the vid Rebecca received, which shows a vicious assault on a group of Orcs.

They question Rebecca, find a name, and search the suspect’s dorm-room, when there’s a knock at the door.

Part III

With the bulk of the team away selling their loot from the Dock heist or resting, Penfold and Kenshiro are alone with the Dean, Randall and the now subdued Jeremy Wyatt at the University. They decide to do nothing and remain silent when the person tries the door of their suspect, and watch as he leaves the campus. Deciding to track his SIN instead of accosting him, they rest for the rest of the evening.

Next morning, “Equina” is waiting for them, and they all bundle into her large van for a (secret) voyage into the wilderness, overwatched by their Drones at all times. They arrive at a cabin near a lake, where they’re introduced to the Circle of Purity, a small group of young women who are intent on communing with a Unicorn Spirit. The Circle are friendly, feeding and flirting with the team before their Ritual begins.

It’s at this time that “Equina” approaches Katya and asks that that the Team ensures that whoever is responsible for taking down Magic Circles are unable to be a threat to anyone else.

At night-fall, the Ritual proceeds, and the team notices that their SINner has left what appears to be a place in the Redmond Barrens and is heading their way. They take positions, whilst also monitoring the Ritual to ensure the Circle remains “intact”.

The team quickly ambushes the 2 vehicles that have approached the cabin, dispatching the people within and destroying 1 of the vans. “Equina”, meanwhile, has stepped INTO the fire at the center of their Ritual, and Sunflower is grazed by a stray bullet.

At the end of hostilities, it appears all the opposing force is dead, and the Ritual continues…

Part IV

As the rest of the team scour the woods, ensuring that the opposing group is indeed taken care of, Katya notices that one of the Circle is in distress, and quickly goes to her aid. As the Ritual reaches its climax, “Equina” steps out of the flame, unscathed, and certain members of the team see a Grand Vision. Others aren’t quite sure WHAT they’ve seen, and the rest are sure there’s nothing TO see!

The Circle of Purity encircle Tuesday, the distressed member, and embrace her lovingly. “Equina” turns to Katya and asks for her sidearm, as the Circle has been betrayed, and the offending member must be dealt with “As is the Way”. Rejected in her request, the Circle lead Tuesday into a copse of trees behind the Ritual Circle, and John spies them hugging, crying… and breaking Tuesday’s neck. The Circle leave the copse, carrying Tuesday and placing her body in the middle of the Ritual Circle and proceed to dress her body.

The rest of the team meanwhile have policed the bodies of the opposing force, and determined that a) the bulk of them belong to some kind of gang (“The Vulture Soldiers”), and b) they have a new (old) van in working order that has an ancient GPS device on board. Quickly tracking the route, they determine the vans have originated from somewhere within the Redmond Barrens.

They decide to rest at the Cabin throughout the night, accompanied by the lamentations of the Circle as they hold vigil over the body of their sister. The next morning, again “Equina” asks the Team to ensure that those that have accosted their Circle and others are made to never do so again. The team refuses, obviously unaware of the conversation between Katya and “Equina” before the events of the evening, and demand to be paid for the nights work, stating if they go after this group, it’ll be a new ’Run.

Equina reluctantly agrees, and the Team follow her Circle back to town in their new (old) van. They keep a track on Equina as they head back to the University with their Drones, and watch her drop off the Circle members at various neighbourhoods.

Upon arrival at the University, the Team is accosted by the Dean for being Mercenaries and Degenerates, as he’s been informed by “Equina” that she had the team’s word they would ensure those attacking Magic Circles are dealt with. Once the air is clear, the Team discover the Wyatt/Draezarch has been let go. The Dean assures the team that he’s harmless and has asked the parents to call him once Wyatt arrives home. The team decide to search the students room, and find the same reference books as they found in their original suspect’s room, as well as an E-Diary describing Wyatt’s initiation and trials in this new group named “The Communion of the Abyss”.

With a new ‘run in hand, the team decide to call it a night, get some rest, and ready themselves to continue their investigation/hunt in the Redmond Barrens. However, that evening at around 10pm, Randall frantically calls Kenshiro and Penfold, telling them that there’s “something” happening in the Barrens, and they need to get there NOW!

((There’s probably bits I’ve missed, and there’s a few strands I’m holding onto, but this is the gist of the story so far. If there’s anything missing, let me know!))

Docklands Explosion!
Union Aggression or Criminal Undertaking?

The Hidden Agenda
“The Truth shall make you Angry. Blogging the Facts so The Man doesn’t find us”

>>Culled the text from Marianne Webb’s report on those explosions and the following LS lockdown of the Docks. Marianne was stunning, of course. Shadowrun gone bad perhaps? Seems a bit strange that the Union would resort to violence against the corp, especially considering the headway they’ve made in the courts with the more liberal judges. As always, you decide the Truth<<

Violence erupted through the heart of the Seattle Docks when a series of explosions and gunfire was reported to the Seattle Police Department earlier this morning. Sources claim that a single explosion, possibly from a military-grade rocket-propelled grenade struck a security vehicle at around 10pm, and was closely followed by automatic weapons fire. Two security guards are known to be deceased, as well as a number of as-yet unnamed armed individuals.

Seattle Police Department High Threat Response Teams, as well as a contingent of soon-to-be installed Lone Star personal quickly arrived on the scene, and discovered a shipment of BTL inside the hold of the vessel that is currently docked at the pier. It’s known that at least three men were taken into custody.

A spokesman for Becks International, the shipping firm that is contracted by the city to run operations at the pier, has claimed that this is further proof that the Seattle Stevedore Union is a criminal element intent on nothing more than protectionism for its enterprises. The Union is currently undergoing a legal dispute with the corporation over wages and work conditions, and has issued a statement strongly denying the claims, stating that the corporation is attempting to use the incident to strong-arm the judgement in its favor. The case appears before the Seattle Claims Court next Monday for a final ruling.

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>>Sounds like someone was after that BTL. Wasn’t me this time, I swear<<

>>Did you see that footage some Ares Fan-boi posted of a sniper shot. Doesn’t that look a lot like the Seattle Docks.
[[Ares = Superb firepower (video proof) | Ares = Superb firepower (video proof)]]

Run 01; Overwatch
A simple job: Watch an apartment, and collect some data. A Simple Job.

It always starts with a call. Your commlink chirps, words are said, and before you know it you’re up to your neck in Drek.

So far, it’s going about as well as you’d expect with a new crew under a new Johnson.


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