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  • Chazz

    Chazz is loud, and his shirts are louder. Not a power-player by any means, by he's people who knows people. Usually hangs out at The Murdered Mime with his Yakuza chums.

  • El Carnaval Negro (The Black Carnival)

    El Carnaval Negro is a traveling carnival that is renowned throughout the Americas for its macabre acts and sideshows. Soon to appear in the famed Redmond district of Seattle, be sure to book your tickets early for this once in a lifetime event! [[File …

  • Humans r pigs

    so I woz at work and this really ugly little man came and called me nasty names becoz he was jealus of my my beautiful orkiness. Wot a loser. Then he tried to make nice and came back to say sorry but he wasnt really sorry at all. THEY ARE ALL PIGS AMIRITE …