2057 UCAS General Election: Order from Chaos?

by Kathleen Cortez
Opinion Piece – Washington Post, July 27th

It’s certainly been a year of turmoil for UCAS politics. President Steele and VP Booth impeached for vote tampering, the scramble for order after President Pro Temp Jo Pritchard’s call for new elections, and the recent assassination of presidential hopeful General Franklin Yeats have left the population of the UCAS wondering if they’d be better off under the governance of one of the Big 3, which ironically leaves a bad taste in the collective mouths of the various Neo-Anarchist groups that are scattered across the states.

However, as the recent infestation of Chicago has shown, not even terror groups can damper the spirits (no pun intended) of those hoping to gain some form of power from amongst the Chaos, and there’s none more powerful than a Dragon.

Dunkelzhan’s meteoric rise to prominence began in early this year, easily defeating all comers on Super Tuesday in March, and now he seems poised to grab the reins of the UCAS and seems to be willing to steer it in a direction away from Corporate influence and intrigue. Especially popular with metahumans, Dunkelzhan and his running mate Nadja Daviar, the “Voice of Dunkelzhan”, are the front runners to take out the election on August 7, issuing in a new age of tolerance and acceptance, if their platform is to be believed.

2057 UCAS General Election: Order from Chaos?

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