Ares = Superb firepower (video proof)

What up ’runners.
I know some of you like your Colt, or Shiawese, or even those German POS Krupp Arms, but for my money Ares put something special in their guns for the discriminating ’runner.

Check out these video’s of the myriad ways in which Ares guns can be AWESOME.
I’ll be adding more as they become available. Feel free to add your own Ares shots for all to see.

btw, for my money the Ares Desert Strike can’t be beat for long distance take-outs.

Video One
First shot shows misty/shadowy view of some kind of piers, with shadowy figures in sight
Next shot is night vision view of same thing, with a couple of figures visibile./
Next shot shows a large figure jumping in the air, and the slight pull of the scope as the shot is fired.
Final shot alternates between the Night Vision shot of the figure falling after being shot, and what looks like drone footage much closer of a Troll jumping down to a boat and getting shot in the head while he’s mid jump.

Second Video
First shot is footage of a kind of forest scene.
Second shot shows some guy wearing robes of some type standing near a car, waving his arms.
Third shot shows both normal & Night Vision view where the car can be seen, but a tree is in the way of seeing the guy.
Next shot alternates between the shot being fired, and then bursting through the tree, and then drone footage showing a hole appearing in a tree near the victim, and then the victim being hit in the head.

Ares, if you’re listening. You’re the corp that all other corps should be imitating.

>> Ares_Champion

Ares = Superb firepower (video proof)

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